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Some Pretty Special People

Some Pretty Special People

Sometimes we are astounded by the kindness and generosity of the people in our lives. Carly and Kelly are two young girls we know whose thoughtfulness and actions are go far beyond their years. These girls embody a special kindness that seems to live in the souls of children.

When they heard their parents talking about Red Lily Foundation and how POTS has impacted Meghan’s life, the girls immediately felt a need to make a difference. They wanted to help make things better. And so Carly and Kelly went to school that week and took up a collection from their classmates. They talked to their friends about how POTS can change someone’s life and how important it is to support research so that answers can be found, so that people who suffer with this syndrome can get their lives back.

As it happened Carly’s science class was learning about the nervous system at that time and so Carly brought her teacher some information about POTS. Her teacher incorporated the information into her lesson plan and without even realizing it Carly was the very first to implement Red Lily’s Mission of increasing education and awareness about POTS!

This October they have again rallied their classmates to do a benefit walk to support Red Lily Foundation! Thank you Carly and Kelly, and all our friends in Verona! Your kindness and support means more to all of us than you can imagine. One day soon we will have a cure and it will be because of people like you!!