“Surely someone can figure this out.  This is a smart country with a lot of really smart people.”   January, 2011

Those words were the seeds to Red Lily Foundation.

Meghan had spent years not feeling well, not being able to keep up with her peers, with countless sick days and symptoms that were at once elusive and incapacitating.  Her symptoms were growing in severity and doctors were becoming increasingly concerned and alarmingly baffled.   She had tears in her eyes after, again, enduring really torturous tests that, again, did not bring better treatment.   Meghan looked at us and just asked if we could do something; something to help ‘them’ find the answers.  She then answered her own question:  “We need money for research.  Surely someone can figure this out.  This is a really smart country with lots of really smart people”.  And so, the seeds for Red Lily were planted.   Meghan has seen the most intelligent and compassionate doctors in the country all trying their best to help.  But answers are not there, not yet.


And so, why RED LILY?  What’s in the name?

When we were looking to name the organization, we were wisely counseled to keep the name broad and non-specific.  This way the name would remain applicable as research develops.  We wanted to keep it personal for Meghan and also wanted it to reflect the beauty and individuality of each and every person afflicted by this condition.  Red Lily was perfect: it makes one stop and think as is necessary to diagnose and treat POTS, it is intriguing and unique like each person affected by POTS; it is delicate yet strong.


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