A very special group

A very special group of friends and relatives came together to create the Red Lily Foundation. It is with the most sincere and heartfelt gratitude that we acknowledge their unending support.

They have generously dedicated their time, their talents and their heart to make Red Lily Foundation a reality.  We will be forever grateful to this founding group.

Alice Miller

Arlene Hedgecock

Caitlin Miller

Doug Reitz

Janice Mulvihill

Nicole Siamas

Noreen Keene

Patricia O’Keefe

Peter Fee

And a special thanks to Adrienne Wilson, Chris Miller, Emily LaCroix, Jackie Kielley, Kathy Greene, Katie Marcon, Kim Hogen, Mark Butler and Michael Miller.

Board Members

Red Lily was founded by the Miller family but support came from many quarters and grew into a board that will help build a strong, forward-looking organization.

Our Founders and Executive Board Members

Susan Miller

Susan Miller is the President and a founding member of Red Lily Foundation.

She graduated in 1980 from Fairfield University with a B.S.N. and worked for several years as an oncology nurse. Susan, a mother of three, resides in Chester, New Jersey with her husband Mark Miller. Her youngest child, Meghan, was diagnosed with POTS in April 2010 after many years of suffering undifferentiated symptoms and declining health. Despite a diagnosis, Meghan’s treatment was both ineffective and incapacitating until a more definitive diagnosis of a POTS sub-type in June 2011. Susan’s frustration with her daughter’s struggles and years of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment were the primary motivation behind founding Red Lily Foundation.

Meghan Miller

Meghan Miller is the Chief Operating Officer and a founding member of Red Lily Foundation.

Meghan was diagnosed with POTS at age 16. Two years later, after a life-changing experience at the Mayo Clinic, Meghan was able to attend college at Villanova University and graduate a semester early. She is currently a graduate student at Northwestern University studying genetic counseling.

A born leader, Meghan was the instrumental force behind the creation of Red Lily Foundation. With determination and tenacity, she has brought together a dedicated group of volunteers who are driven by her commitment to finding a cure, and educating health care practitioners on the proper diagnosis and treatment of this rare disease.

Mark J. Miller

Mark J. Miller is the Director of Strategy and a founding member of Red Lily Foundation.

Mark is a 1980 graduate of Fairfield University with a degree in Psychology. After several years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Mark started his own business in 1995. He is the President of The MJM Signature Group, a full service medical communications corporation headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. Mark, along with his wife Susan, resides in Chester, New Jersey. He and Susan have watched their daughter struggle through the challenges of living with a rare disease and are committed to helping the scientific community find a cure for POTS and other forms of dysautonomia.

Caitlin A. Miller

Caitlin A. Miller is a founding member of Red Lily Foundation.

Caitlin is a 2008 graduate of Fairfield University with a degree in Political Science and and a 2012 graduate of Northeastern University with a Masters in Business Administration.  Since then, Caitlin has worked in the healthcare industry with a focus in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Through witnessing the daily struggles of POTS her sister Meghan endures, Caitlin became incredibly passionate about the research and education the Red Lily Foundation sponsors and in finding a cure for Meghan and all others that are affected by POTS.


Our Board Members

Mike Cresto

Diane Critchley

Diane Critchley joined Red Lily Foundation as a board member in 2012.  Since graduating from Montclair State University with a degree in Finance, she has been a loyal employee of Ronetco Supermarkets.  In the course of her employment Diane has played an integral role in helping Ronetco Supermarkets and Partners in Caring to raise funds for those in need.

Having been a life long friend of Meghan and her family, Diane has seen first hand the impact this disorder has had on Meghan’s life.  She is devoted to Red Lily Foundation’s mission.

An active member of her community, Diane currently resides in Long Valley, NJ with her five children.

Chandler Harben

Chandler Harben graduated from Delbarton High School in 1991. He earned his B.S. in Biology from MIT in 1995. Since then, Chandler has worked with a great team of educators at the Chandler Learning Center in Bedminster, NJ. He has devoted his life to instructing students and developing creative instructional materials. Chandler really enjoyed teaching Meghan and is thrilled to be a part of the Red Lily Foundation.

Christine Collyer MacDonald

Christine Collyer MacDonald (Chris) is a graduate of DePauw University and attended graduate school at the University of Illinois. After teaching for a brief time Chris worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years. In 1987 she launched Professional Child Care solutions, a childcare and work/family consulting business.

Chris has been very active in the Chester school system and established the Educational Foundation of the Chesters where she served as Co-Director 1998-2003. She served on the boards of The Michael Simon Steinberg Foundation and helped to facilitate the Peace Project at Mendham High School. Chris has served as a trustee on the board of directors of the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown since 2008. She is developing a hunger advocacy program for IFP with the NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition and chairs the corporate advisory council for the IFP.

Judy Prestifilippo, MD